Differential Pressure Regulator[was No start WAS: FuelDistributor Connectors]

Brendan K. Walsh bkwalsh4201 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 08:45:57 EST 2004

> Perhaps, at least before asserting that they "can be exchanged", someone
> should at least *try* it.  Take a properly running system, of one type
> or the other, and swap in a known good CPA from the other system.  See
> if everything specs out correctly with no tweaking.  I suspect it won't.

BTDT, kind sorta works, not well in any case but i may have other
contributing issues. All other parts of my cis-e system have been tested and
seem to be functioning properly. Temp sender may be a little off, but i
Simple answer is that by looking at the input range on the dprs you can see
it won't, heres the problem. At idle the cis-e sends out 10mA correct? At
WOT the e3 sees the same input right?, so you would end up with a rich
mixture all the time. if you recalibrate the output on the pot  to 0mA the
ecu will still send siganl outside of the operating range of the dpr

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