Differential Pressure Regulator[was No start WAS: Fuel Distributor Connectors]

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I won't assert that the DPRs can be exchanged between  CIS's E & E3, and for
the sake of making sure no-one uses the wrong part, let's just assume that
they aren't interchangeable.  The one I reported is most likely a fluke, or
more likely my mis-reading of the Bosch part number, as I was comparing the
suffix numbers, and there may have been something I missed maybe in the
prefix - box with CIS-E is back on the shelf.

I mentioned speculation only, as there could certainly be a way the
engineers had made the same DPR work with different distributors, although I
must admit it seems odd..

I'm content to interpret the quote as same part - different tolerance, or
something to that effect.  It would be nice if they were interchangeable,
but I don't even think I'd take that chance, unless I had an unlimited time
to test.

Someone had mentioned the DPR resistance spec. (18-20ohm?) and the two
definatively CIS-EIII DPRs I  tested were just over 18.  The 2-3 CIS-E ones
I tested,  were all closer to 22, except for one that read infinity, which I
must assume is bad.  For purposes of the original post that started all
this, Marc's reading (around 18) indicates that his DPR passed this test.

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> Ben Swann wrote:
> > I assume we are referring to the Differential Pressure Regulator.
> >
> > The CIS-E unit can be exchanged with CIS-EIII as they are the same
> > part (at least according to CIS-EIII Factory Service Training
> > manual).
> When I first read this, I thought, "what is he smoking?"  They aren't
> even the same color... but luckily the discussion went on and on so I
> got to read more before jumping in.  In the absence of a quote from that
> manual, I would think it says what Ben said - that *they are the same
> > Again the DPRs are the same for CIS-E and EIII - just different
> > current range is used for control - larger range for CIS-EIII.
> OK, this time it is being asserted as a *fact*.
> > I am only reporting what is printed in a factory  Audi Service
> > Training manual for CIS-E3/2.3l engines.  I think the part no.
> > changes more to reflect year rather than actual major differences in
> > the part.  I found one cis-e DPR with the same part no. as on the
> > CIS-EIII's I checked.
> Still waiting for the quote.  Parts number changes to reflect a year?
> This would be the only time I can think of that they *ever* did that.
> By the way, the CISE control pressure actuator is light grey and it is
> part number 026 133 482.  The CISE3 CPR is dark grey and listed in the
> FA as 034 133 482.
> > I'm not trying to support what was written in the Factory Service
> > manual, nor refute anything you are saying.  In other words - I don't
> > know, and can only speculate.
> Speculation presented as fact, would have been easier to follow had it
> simply been presented as a quote from the manual.
> >> In the manual: "The regulator and its operation is the same  as used on
> >> CIS-E fuel injection.  The operating range during closed loop or oxygen
> >> sensor regulation has, however, been changed."
> Having seen that they are almost obviously not "the same part" (by
> number and appearance, and also by technical differences in set up), I
> would read this as meaning that they *do the same thing.*
> > Now imagine - I have all these engines and stuff lying about in my
> > in boxes, on shelves, some cars, etc.  mostly I5 stuff almost all VAG.
> > Among this is a CIS-E fuel distributor from a 4000 Quattro with a DPR
> > has the same part number as found on the CIS-E3 distributors.  Don't
> > how it got there, but that is what I found.
> The trouble with all this used junk we get, is that it is not
> necessarily what came on the car.  I suspect the CPA you are looking at
> was swapped in by a faulty technician.  (this would be like me thinking
> Bilsteins and H&R lowering springs came stock on some 90Q's because they
> were on one of my parts cars)
> Perhaps, at least before asserting that they "can be exchanged", someone
> should at least *try* it.  Take a properly running system, of one type
> or the other, and swap in a known good CPA from the other system.  See
> if everything specs out correctly with no tweaking.  I suspect it won't.
> end of diatribe...
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