re. Opening up Differential Pressure Regulator

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I don't think you'll be able to do this without breaking the housing.  I recall there are one or two brass screws that can be removed to access additional orfices.  Unless you visably observed a lot of crap or rust, and/or are not able to pass spray cleaner through the unit, then you may want to assume it is good for now.

Based on everything you have reported, I think the problem is in your metering head.  I hesitate to suggest, but a pressure test may be what is in order.

If you have not already done so, obtain the inexpensive o-ring kit for re-installation - you'll need this one way or the other.


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Can the DPR be opened up for cleaning?  By 'opened up' I mean more than simply removing from the fuel distributor and spraying carb cleaner or forced air into it.

Its off the car, and I can't get anything inside it (like a small hose) to perform a good test to confirm if its clogged.  I think it may be.  But its seems to be as sealed a "black box" as I've seen.  Its got one screw in addition to the two that hold it on the car but that screw doesn't seem to hold it together in any way.  It looks like it was manufactured as a single unit.]

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