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Wed Feb 4 10:25:15 EST 2004

Occasionally at my shop after we do machine work on our race motors we will have some fun with the mag filings. One neat trick is to make a small pile (1 inch tall, 2 inches wide) of filings, heat them (not set on fire, just get them good and glowing) with a propane torch, then make sure theres nothing flamable in front of you and kick the pile. The filings will ignite in mid and and give off a brilliant white flash. Might want to wear sunglasses, they flash pretty bright. 

Dislaimer: Magnesium burns hot. It sets other stuff (especially other magnesium!) on fire quite easily. Be careful, and it's not my fault if you burn yourself, others, or set something ablaze.

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>If my old Craftsman Lawn mower is any indication, if that tyrannies ever
>catches fire it'll be an impressively bright and and hot light show.
>Robert Mangas" <porter_t_dog at> writes:
>> Great shots; love the one of the magnesium tranny.  Wow.
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