Replacement bulb- type 89 switchgear

a4kcstq at a4kcstq at
Wed Feb 4 11:38:56 EST 2004

Last night I found the perfect bulb for the the switchgear in my '86 4kq.  I'm referring to the headlight switch, hazard switch, defog switch, etc... around the instrument cluster.  I found the bulb at Radio Shack (#272-1141).  It's rated at 12V, 25mA (0.3 Watt) with a clear lens.  With a bit of patience, you can open the switches up and solder in a new bulb.
I had tried to use an idiot light bulb, but they are 2 Watt and get a bit too hot inside the switch.  Curiously, this 0.3W bulb seems to put out the same amount of light as the 2W bulb when the cover is on.
I also noticed that my original bulbs were a mixture of red and clear lenses, but they all pretty much look the same from the outside.  The headlight switch is the only one that has a red filter built into the switch.
-Peter Lines

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