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SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Wed Feb 4 14:05:55 EST 2004

Ben et al:
I swapped out my dead unit 4000Q for a junk yard quantum 5cyl.  The part 
color was black vs the grey part I had before.
One other measured infinity so i skipped it and took this one which had a 
steady value.
It worked...............stroke of luck?  Possibly. -Scott by BOSTON

> Huw,
> I won't assert that the DPRs can be exchanged between  CIS's E & E3, and for
> the sake of making sure no-one uses the wrong part, let's just assume that
> they aren't interchangeable.  The one I reported is most likely a fluke, or
> more likely my mis-reading of the Bosch part number, as I was comparing the
> suffix numbers, and there may have been something I missed maybe in the
> prefix - box with CIS-E is back on the shelf.
> It would be nice if they were interchangeable,
> but I don't even think I'd take that chance, unless I had an unlimited time
> to test.
> Someone had mentioned the DPR resistance spec. (18-20ohm?) and the two
> definatively CIS-EIII DPRs I  tested were just over 18.  The 2-3 CIS-E ones
> I tested,  were all closer to 22, except for one that read infinity, which I
> must assume is bad.  For purposes of the original post that started all
> this, Marc's reading (around 18) indicates that his DPR passed this test.
> Ben

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