4k power problems

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Wed Feb 4 14:35:55 EST 2004


One or more spark plugs are missing under load. When you step on the gas,
one or more plugs misfire and you get no power. As soon as you step off the
gas, the plugs fire again . . .causing the bucking action.

The resistance at the spark plug gap increases under load. This sounds
counter-intuitive. The spark follows the ionic path created by the
acceleration of electrons from one electrode to the other. When you increase
the air and fuel between the electrodes, the electrons bump into these
molecules and lose speed. No speed, no ion path, no ion path , no spark.

The problem almost always is the ignition wires. The either develop a high
internal resistance, or the outer insulation breaks down and the wires arc
to ground. Replace them.

While you are at it, replace the dist cap, rotor and plugs if they are over
a year old. These are not expensive items . .and since you are there already
. . .what the hell . . change them.
The rotor and cap have internal resistances built in . .. if defective these
also will reduce the voltage at the spark plugs and cause your missing
problems. Thats why its a good idea to replace all those parts together.

Let us know how you make out.

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> From: SluggerXL1 at aol.com
> Ok guys heres the problem.  I was driving around yesterday, car started
> and drove good for a while.  Then suddenly i started to lose power, like
> my horses just got up and left and it started jumping when i gave it gas.
> ideas?  Fuel pump, electrical?  Any thoughts appriciated.
> russ
> 854ksq

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