GBP < > USD exchange rates

Mike Arman armanmik at
Wed Feb 4 15:26:22 EST 2004

GBP < > USD exchange rates at:

(also a bunch of other exchange rates). Note that if you are buying Pounds, 
use the first column, go down to GBP, and DIVIDE the number of Pounds you 
need by the exchange rate to find the number of USD you'll have to cough up 
. . .

These are interbank rates, and you are NOT going to get these rates from 
your local bank - figure on 3 to 5% discount plus wire fees, etc, - small 
amounts (small being under $100,000 or so) are expensive to convert at 
banks. Of course, it is worse at the airport or railway station . . . even 
AMEX traveler's checks are not much of a bargain, despite their constant 
advertising to the contrary.

I do currency conversion, usually for people buying homes or airplanes or 
other expensive items. ( more information than 
you asked for - my wife always tells me I explain too much . . .

By far the best way to buy small items from overseas is on a credit card - 
the fees go about one or two percent, when you get to a purchase of over 
$10,000 or so, then you should be talking to me.

Best Regards,
Mike Arman

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