Fuel Pump Replacement

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Feb 5 02:53:23 EST 2004

> I've been hoping that the solution wasn't a fuel pump replacement.
> Not for cost, but I dread the idea of opening a hole in the top of a
> gas tank and removing and reinstalling an electrically operated
> device that is submerged in a flammable/explosive liquid.

I thought they were "small" cars?  type 85 or 89?  They have external 
pumps down in the crud by the rear wheel.

> 2.) New fuel pumps can be had between $200 and $300 (for example at
> http://www.audiquattroparts.com/fuel_pumps.htm ). I'm guessing that
> this is an item that makes more sense to replace with a new pump as
> opposed to a used pump.  Anyone disagree?

New pump.  Should be $180 or less.

> 3.) Any way of knowing if your car takes a 44 or 60mm pump short of
> opening up the hole in the top of the fuel tank?

the 4kq/coupe with the 2.1 and 2.2 use the smaller outlet, the 80Q/90 
and 87.5 cgt with the 2.3 use the larger outlet.  I'm pretty sure of that...

> 4.) Are there a variety of OEM's making replacement or rebuilt fuel
> pumps? Any recommendations on reliability of the various options
> available for replacement?

I don't know, but both my cars are running new Bosch units at that 180 

Count on replacing the small plastic lines in the area as well, though, 
under $10 each at a friendly dealer.  Also the rubber shock mount stud 
things that hold the fuel tray, they are usually kaput by now.

Huw Powell



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