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Thu Feb 5 07:24:19 EST 2004

Ah yes, the "Santana" taxis...
> Hi Folks - 
> Just wanted to drop a quick line from Hefei, China (about 400 mi south of 
> Beijing), where my bride and I are staying while we complete an adoption.  I 
> usually just lurk on this list, but thought you might be interested to know that 
> Audis and VW's are very common here in China.  A2 Jettas are used pretty much as 
> taxis  and come in two flavors; the one we all know and a slope nosed (later?) 
> version.  They may still be in production here.  VW Quantums (Quanta?) are also 
> very common here and may still be in production as well.  Audi 5000's appear to 
> be still manufactured under license, as they have Chinese nameplates, a 
> different grille and taillights, but are clearly 5000's. There are many here in 
> great shape and they appear to be used both as taxis and private cars. Anyone 
> wanting interior bits should look here.  It appears that about 30-40% of the 
> cars I've seen here are some sort of VW or Audi derivative -  something I did 
> not expect.  Newer VW's abound as well - the new Pol
> o looks neat, and I saw an A5 Golf, too.
> Anyway, hope all is well in Audi-land back in the US.
> Chris
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