HELP! I-5 crankshaft end-play problem

rob hod rob3 at
Thu Feb 5 08:35:40 EST 2004

    Kneale took the words right out of my mouth, race engine rebuilders do a
lot of things that are not the way to go for a road car. They have a whole
different agenda on all kinds of clearance issues, e.g. much greater
piston/bores clearances than you'd ever want on a road car.

    As regards the thrust washers though, I'm under the impression that they
may be made slightly thicker than stock (without being an actual oversize)
to accomodate original production tolerances or the result of
less-than-perfect machine shop work that has increased the width of the
crank journal. Surely they can be ground/sanded on their *back* faces to
fit.  Perhaps you could look into that option.



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> Isn't a "race" engine, as in an Indy car for example, something that gets
> rebuilt after 500 or so stressful miles?  I sure wouldn't use "race"
> building practices as the way to go in a car I want to drive 100K miles.

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