4k power problems

SluggerXL1 at aol.com SluggerXL1 at aol.com
Thu Feb 5 16:18:24 EST 2004

Thanks for the input Jay.  I let it sit a day, started it up and it idles 
like poop.  So I ordered 8mm wires, plugs, belt, DC, and ignition rotor off blau. 
they had a good deal for the shole set.  I was gonna do this anways, but 
wanted to get my back windows to work, guess not.  The worst part is I have to 
drive my little sister 96 neon till I receive my parts a week from monday!   
AHHHHH!  Stupid neon.  Equipped with auto trans that forgets to shift, weak 
heater, stuffed animals and sponge bob hanging from the rear view, now im cool.
thanks for the help.


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