Does your CGT or 4Kq start as fast as a new car?

SJ syljay at
Fri Feb 6 11:55:37 EST 2004

> . . . and took it over to Brownings and had them rebuild it. They charged
$125 for a full rebuild . . .

Do you know what Brownings actually did to rebuild the starter?
Most of us are hands-on types. If you could provide us a list of things that
were done to the starter, that would prove very useful.
I wonder how much of your improvement is simply due to having undone and
redone the mounting bolts. The ground return for the starter is thru the
starter body and the bolts.

Perhaps if you call them and tell them that friends of yours are interested
in a rebuild, they would tell you what they do on a rebuild.

I would guess that they:
1. replace or refinish the solenoid contacts
2. re-finish the commutator, and replace the brushes
3. new bearings installed
4. cleaned, lubed,  and painted

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