Type 44 Heater cable problem

Ameer Antar antar at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 13:05:35 EST 2004

OK, that makes sense... There wasn't any plastic piece there when I removed it so this will indeed be hard to find. Just curious as to what car you were looking at, b/c the FA has a little clip looking thing in the fresh air controls diagram, but it says it's an unknown part for an '85 5000 turbo. I couldn't get the part number for any other years even though it's in the drawing. I wonder if a place like Dad's might be able to help... If anyone has access to a junkyard (none here in CT you can walk around or any w/ Audi's) or have one in your backyard, please let me know if you have this plastic piece on the cable support. Thanks.


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From: "Tim Leonard" <nard1 at voyager.net>
Date: 2/6/04 12:21:39 AM
Subject: Re: Type 44 Heater cable problem

You're missing the clip that engages into the metal piece that clips onto
the plastic as shown by your photo's. It goes into the metal base piece and
over the top of the cable and snaps down. I looked at the FA and it does not
show this piece. It does show the base metal piece as shown in your photo's
but not the clip you're missing. It may come as a set? Part #431 819 875 I
just happened to have a car in here that I had the cover off of and I took a
Junkyard? Near you so you can remove? Something a junk yard isn't interested
in helping you with I'm sure.
Good Luck,
Tim Leonard

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