In-Tank Fuel Pump Replacement

Marc Boucher mboucher70 at
Fri Feb 6 21:38:26 EST 2004

Went outside to check which pump I've got so I can order a replacement.  Some suppliers have told me that some 100's in 1990 were fitted with 44mm and others with 60mm pumps and there's no way to know without getting out the old one.

Our local Bosch dealer looked up the car and said there is only one pump listed for it...Bosch part number 254040.  Cost: $275 Canadian (equals about $205 US).  

One of the online Audiparts sites mentioned that they stopped carrying Bosch pumps due to noise issues.  Anyone have any thoughts on Bosch vs. Pierburg pumps?  I still don't know what type mine is equipped with however the sender unit cover is labelled VDO which I understand is a third supplier of fuel pumps used in the 100?

Got as far as getting the sender unit opened up so I can see inside the tank.  Seems like the pump is firmly mounted to the bottom of the tank.  Any thoughts on the level of difficulty involved in replacing an in-tank pump?  I'm prepared to do a lot myself but certain things (eg replacing a transmission or brain surgery) I wouldn't attempt.

1990 Audi 100 NF

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