Just installed an Escort Zr-3 in my 90q

David Thoresen david at epicfoto.com
Fri Feb 6 23:12:39 EST 2004

Ok I splurged quite a bit today... Car Toys 110% price matched Magnolia 
Hi-Fi's sale price... The installation is quite painless, I ended up 
mounting the front "shifters" ;o) in the grill, I ended up trimming 
some of the vertical plastic pieces (moved the Quattro badge up one 
level and fit one of the shifters under that.) They actually fit quite 
snugly in there without the need to screw them in!  (and they are 
perfectly level!)

Running the wires to the main control unit was quite simple as well, 
undid the cover under the steering wheel and it all went together 
there.  The rear shifter fits perfectly above the license plate in the 
back.  I ran that wire in the right side hole of the plate illumination 
light then ran it to the usual place under the rear seat & carpet, to 
the front.

The controller I mounted on the plastic on top of the steering column, 
its thin enough so I can still see all the dash readouts.  The mute 
button went on the left of the climate control panel.

 From all the reviews this one is supposed to be the best.  Although I 
don't anticipate speeding... too much ;o)   I like the added insurance 
against road tax.

Anyone else have the ZR-3?  Any issues I should know about?

90q 20v

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