Type 44 Heater cable problem

Tim Leonard nard1 at voyager.net
Sat Feb 7 02:16:37 EST 2004

 Did I say it was plastic? I'm sorry, I intended to state it was spring
steel metal and clips over the cable/sheath directly on the plastic outer
sheath immediately in front of the metal outer sheath.
Tim Leonard

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> OK, that makes sense... There wasn't any plastic piece there when I
removed it so this will indeed be hard to find. Just curious as to what car
you were looking at, b/c the FA has a little clip looking thing in the fresh
air controls diagram, but it says it's an unknown part for an '85 5000
turbo. I couldn't get the part number for any other years even though it's
in the drawing. I wonder if a place like Dad's might be able to help... If
anyone has access to a junkyard (none here in CT you can walk around or any
w/ Audi's) or have one in your backyard, please let me know if you have this
plastic piece on the cable support. Thanks.
> -Ameer
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> From: "Tim Leonard" <nard1 at voyager.net>
> Date: 2/6/04 12:21:39 AM
> Subject: Re: Type 44 Heater cable problem
> Ameer,
> You're missing the clip that engages into the metal piece that clips onto
> the plastic as shown by your photo's. It goes into the metal base piece
> over the top of the cable and snaps down. I looked at the FA and it does
> show this piece. It does show the base metal piece as shown in your
> but not the clip you're missing. It may come as a set? Part #431 819 875 I
> just happened to have a car in here that I had the cover off of and I took
> look.
> Junkyard? Near you so you can remove? Something a junk yard isn't
> in helping you with I'm sure.
> Good Luck,
> Tim Leonard
> Michigan

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