Type 44 Turbo spotted in commercial

Steve Sears steve.sears at soil-mat.on.ca
Sat Feb 7 15:21:43 EST 2004

Hi all,
Was watching the tube last night, a McDonald's ad came on (one of those odd "I'm lovin' it" ones)  The main character is looking at a Jag in a showroom, then another car, and then finally ends up getting a Gremlin from a used car lot - behind the negotiating character, salesman and the Gremlin is a Stone Grey Metallic Type 44 turbo.  I haven't got the ad on tape to see if it has the "quattro" badge in the grille, but it even has the "Aero" rims that my '87 is using now (with snows).  It took me a couple seconds and I said, "Holy crap!!! Look at that...It's my car!!!!"
Wife replies, "Yeah....apparently it's worth 3000....must be Lire, not dollars." Sigh...she's incorrigible.
At least they didn't choose that car to show the McD's employees pushing the guy out of the drive thru in the last scene.
Steve Sears
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