HELP! I-5 crankshaft end-play problem

Phil Payne quattro at
Sun Feb 8 16:07:04 EST 2004

> I'd be inclined to find a bearing that fits or surface the crank to fit the
> bearing.

The specifications for the I5 are at

Plastigage is your friend - it's so easy to use.

I'd add a further note of caution - even on an engine that you know has never been stripped,
never assume the crank bearings are a standad size.  ALWAYS read the markings.

I saw one case a few years back of a single owner car that had some bore damage.  Whipped it
out, rebored a couple of cylinders, fitted a couple of oversize pistons and rebuilt.
Naturally if you're going to these lengths, new shells make sense.  The engine ran well, but
there was a strange fluttering noise when it was decellerating after a throttle blip.  Checked
the removed shells and found the big ends were oversize - the factory had fitted a reground
crank.  The mains were standard size.

When I mentioned this a few years ago, several people said they'd seen such engines.

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