Audis in China!

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Ok, were can I find a photo?

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Humm, if it is a 5000 in wolf's clothing, wonder how hard it would be to
import one? A 200 Coupe would ROCK. Wonder if you can get a 200TQ Coupe

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>  Audi 5000's appear to be still manufactured under license, as they have
Chinese nameplates,
a different grille and taillights, but are clearly 5000's. There are many
here in great shape
and they appear to be used both as taxis and private cars. Anyone wanting
interior bits should
look here.

Indeed they are - including a model Audi never built, the 200 Coupe.  Fully
galvanised, as per
the German original.

A while back someone was trying to set up a parts import business.

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