87 5ksQ Reverse lights don't work

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Feb 9 15:07:13 EST 2004

> The reverse switch is near the top right side of the transmission 
> with a pair of wires attached. Just in front of the shift rod cover. 
> To test you may remove the wires and jumper them together. Turn on 
> ignition and lights should be lit. If not, check wire ends and wires 
> for breaks. Also check your bulb sockets in the trunk lid for 
> corrosion. Actually I would check that first.

Oh, and also, that reminds me, since the bulbs are in the trunk lid... 
also check where the wires go into the trunk hinge area, that is a bad 
spot for fraying and breaking.  If they are broken, replace a section of 
the wire so the connections are above and below the flex area, not in 
the middle of it.

>> I have an 87 5000S Quattro that failed Mass state inspection for no
>>  reverse lights.  I have checked fuses and bulbs, they are good.  I
>>  put the car in reverse and checked for voltage on the leads at the
>>  bulbs, no juice.  I am thinking that it may be a reverse light 
>> switch, but do not yet have my manual, should arrive this week. Can
>>  anyone tell me where to look for that switch?

Huw Powell



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