H4 headlights with buttermilk!?

Dan Cordon cord4530 at uidaho.edu
Mon Feb 9 19:56:03 EST 2004

> The whitish film is tungston that burned up when it contacted the air. Basically it should like you just blew a bulb. It happens, sometimes violently sometime they jsut get  really dim. High wattage bulbs have thinnner filiments and jsut don't last as long as a regular bulb. And, yes, I'd try getting those shards out. 
> Dave
> 87.5 CGT
> SE Virginia

Another thing I may note.....Don't change your headlight bulbs at the 
same time. Every time I've done this I've found that the bulbs burn out 
within 1 hour of each other. So, you may start with two new ones, but 
then after a few weeks, swap a new one in to one side and keep the other 
as a spare.

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer
University of Idaho - Engine Research Facility

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