Need help locating/identifying parts under an '88 90Q hood.

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Feb 10 02:35:09 EST 2004

I'll reply to your earlier post later... all I can say, is that car had 
better be otherwise immaculate for that price.

> I need help locating the following items under the hood:
> Clutch Master Cylinder

Mounted *behind* the firewall, on the pedal support casting.  An 
improvement over the firewall mounted master of the 4kq, which tended to 
slowly tear the firewall apart.

> Clutch fluid tank

On top of the brake master cylinder - it feeds the clutch master via a hose.

> Clutch Fork (thing that goes into the clutch bell to push the pressure
> plate).

The clutch slave cylinder is mounted on top of the transmission bell 
housing, there is no external fork to access.  It pushes directly on the 
release bearing bracket thing.

Huw Powell

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