86 5ktq in rally cross!

illuminaudi at comcast.net illuminaudi at comcast.net
Tue Feb 10 17:12:52 EST 2004

There was a 20vt CQ racing in the 2002 SCCA rally series that had a solution you might be interested in.  I don't have the info in front of me, so I don't remember the driver or team, but he had a torsen center (permanently locked in your app maybe?) and a long lever that actuated the rear diff lock.  The lever came up to about about 4 or 5 in away from 3 o'clock on the steering wheel.  According to the driver/team owner, it gave the car a bit more RWD feel since the locked rear would break free more easily.  

I have pics of this setup somewhere, I'll try to find them for you.


'86 5kcstq

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