1982 Coupe:Hot Start Issues

DBF dbf288 at eastlink.ca
Tue Feb 10 18:15:01 EST 2004

As the subject says.  CIS.  To date I have changed the fuel pump check valve, all injectors (for new), and the 2 small o-rings on the primary pressure regulator.  I have no leaks and unfortunately, no pressure gauges.  Under normal conditions, the car starts like a champ when cold.  Barely turns over one revolution before firing up.  When warm/hot, it can take 5-12 seconds of constant cranking.  When it finally does start, it "chugs" or almost like it misses a little.  That part is hard to describe.  After it catches itself and settles down to idle, it smoothes out, well, as smooth as a 22 YO Audi will get!  Anyway, have I missed anything?  I know if I where to test the holding pressure at the CSV, I would certainly be able to offer more info.  Any suggestions?


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