89 80 Odometer repair

George Selby gselby4x4 at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 11 04:49:21 EST 2004

While my car is sitting dead in the yard (no spark, I think it's the 
distributor,) I decided to take apart my spare speedo (the stock one, I 
replaced it because it didn't work consistently) to see if I could figure 
out why the odometer wasn't working (The one on the replacement speedo 
worked for 2/10th of a mile, then stopped, so I wanted to see if I could 
get one of them going again.)

Anyway, I got the gears that drive the odometer out of the speedometer 
assembly.  The problem one is the one that goes between the odomotor and 
the odometer numbers.  It is green on the side that drives the numbers, and 
is white with a small yellow planet gear on a pin.  The planet gear is 
driven by the odomotor. One of the teeth on this yellow gear have broken 
off, and when it gets to the broken tooth, the numbers stop spinning (I can 
spin the numbers by hand.)

So, the basic question is, can I get this gear by itself?  Or do I have to 
buy an entire assembly?

One last question for anyone who has BTDT:  How do you get the speedo 
needle off?  I just worked around it, it really wasn't a problem, but could 
have been easier if the speedo needle came off.

George Selby

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