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Yup, with lots of solvent (brake parts cleaner works fine, so does spray carb or throttlebody cleaner).

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Do you deglaze the pulleys by using a wire wheel on a drill?


At 02:35 PM 2/9/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Are you deglazing the pullies when chaning belts? When a belt slips for a 
>while, it glazes the pullies, making even brand new, properly installed 
>belts slip...
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>Subject: RE: Batteries
>Anyone have an alternator seize up on them?  I have a 4kq with 200k+ miles
>on the original alternator.  It is killing belts (yes I'm using the right
>width and lenght) in a horrible screeching way.  The pulleys are aligned
>and not bent, either.
>Any ideas?
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>Subject: Batteries
>Andrew writes ...
>" What is the current consensus on replacement batteries? Interstate?"
>OH NO ... not another battery thread!
>Interstate is among the best ... many of their batteries have other names
>pasted on them.  I think the Interstate website tells what some of these
>other names are.  One I'm pretty sure of is DuraLast at AutoZone.  WalMArt
>and/or Sam's Club may also have Interstate with another label on it.
>Check/confirm that your alternator belt has correct tension ... slipping
>belt can give the appearance of a failing battery.
>Dave C.
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