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A mixup in terms I suppose.  As long as I can recall, back to the days of
the Dasher and Rabbit, the terms Control Pressure Regulator and Warmup
regulator have been used somewhat interchangeably, as the warmup regulator
adjusts control pressure based on warmup/engine temp.  I think the term
Warmup Regulator comes from the thermo switch that provides additional
vaccum on warmup(or is it the other way around) to provide for reduced
control pressure during the first few minutes of engine running.   Also
doesn't it have vacuum ports for control pressure regulation based on
manifold preesure(vacuum) as well?

Anyway WUR is what I am referring to.


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> > Likely culprit - control pressure is too high when warm.
> >
> > How to fix - off the bat, don't know other than messing with the
> > control pressur reg. and guages to get it right.
> An '82 coupe with good ole CIS doesn't have one.  It has a warm up
> regulator for cold start enrichment and a frequency valve to fine tune
> in closed loop.
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> Huw Powell

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