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Ti Kan ti at
Wed Feb 11 15:23:58 EST 2004

The official Bosch terminology for the "warm-up regulator" is actually
the Control Pressure Regulator, used on CIS and CIS-lambda cars
(circa 1975-83, and also on Audi CIS turbo models).  This is the device
that's mounted on the engine block with two fuel lines going to it from
the fuel distributor.  It is bi-metallic controlled and electrically
heated.  Sometimes it also has one or two vacuum ports.

The CIS-E (circa 1984-91 non-turbo) and device on the fuel distributor
is called Differential Pressure Regulator according to Bosch.  This has
been called "control pressure actuator" on this list in the past, causing

The other device to increase idle for cold engine is called the Auxiliary
Air Regulator according to Bosch.  This is a also bi-metallic and
electrically heated device, but is used to bypass air around the throttle

Hope this clears the terminology up.  I call for everyone to use the
Bosch way of calling these things to eliminate any future confusion.

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Ben Swann writes:
> Huw,
> A mixup in terms I suppose.  As long as I can recall, back to the days of
> the Dasher and Rabbit, the terms Control Pressure Regulator and Warmup
> regulator have been used somewhat interchangeably, as the warmup regulator
> adjusts control pressure based on warmup/engine temp.  I think the term
> Warmup Regulator comes from the thermo switch that provides additional
> vaccum on warmup(or is it the other way around) to provide for reduced
> control pressure during the first few minutes of engine running.   Also
> doesn't it have vacuum ports for control pressure regulation based on
> manifold preesure(vacuum) as well?

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