Thinking about getting a Mechanicaly-challened '88 90Q.

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Wed Feb 11 17:40:27 EST 2004

YMMV - When I did the clutch on my 86 5ktq, I had to use scary amounts
of persuasion to get the clutch slave out of the bellhousing - and this
was with the tranny out. I hammered it and used lube and heat, etc etc.
I honestly believe that if I was doing a clutch slave only job and left
the tranny in the car that I would not have been able to remove that
clutch slave.  It's one thing to get that pin out, but another
altogether to get the slave to move.

I would say that you should be be able to do it without removing the
tranny, but you should be prepared to remove it if the force is against

Like I said at the beginning - YMMV


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> Pulling the tranny to replace the slave cylinder?  On a Jeep,
> yes, on an Audi that's insane!  Reach down, remove the wire 
> clip, knock out the pin, and extract the slave.  Often a 
> little harder than it sounds, it's rarely so difficult it 
> requires lube and a panicky message to the list!  Whoever 
> told you you have to pull the trans is 
> less-than-knowledgeable .........  John
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