Thinking about getting a Mechanicaly-challened '88 90Q. Need diagnosis and parts advice.

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Feb 11 17:58:40 EST 2004

> You mentioned that the problem may just be air bubbles in the clutch line. I
> was thinking about that too but I am not familiar enough with the Audi
> clutch system vs. other cars I have worked on. Thing that scared me about
> the condition of the clutch disk was that the PO had the car in gear and in
> front of me cranked it over. The engine with noticeable resistance did
> crank! With the clutch systems I worked with in the past, even if the
> hydraulic clutch lines are all filled with air, that cannot happen. The
> lines are used to release the clutch, not engage it.

That's why I didn't really bother to suggest bleeding or replacing just 
the slave cylinder.  Something is not right inside that bell housing, so 
you might as well expect to open it up, if you acquire the car.

Even if the disk is fine and it's jammed in some weird way by a kaput 
release bearing or stuck slave cylinder, you'll be in there.  Hmmm, 
stuck slave cylinder.  Apart from having no clue how it could happen, 
that could cause the symptoms as well.  But that's not diagnostics, its 
sitting at a computer typing...

Huw Powell

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