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Al Powell apowell at gocougs.wsu.edu
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Bart Oleksy <barto at nait.ab.ca> asked:
Subject: '91 200TQ - hard starting (still)
This has been an ongoing problem for quite a while now, where the car
will start like a shot if you just turned it off, but the longer it
sits, the longer it takes to start.  It turns over just fine, but take a
while to 'catch', and will stall if I don't keep giving it gas.  After
about a minute, it's completely fine and drives nicely.

The fuel pump check-valve has been replaced and I've even had the
(noisy) old fuel pump replaced with a new one.

What other things should be checked as possible culprits?  One mechanic
had me trying a 'better quality' of gasoline (from Petro-Canada vs.
Husky or the grocery store stations) but there's been no difference
since I switched over 2 months ago either.  another suggestion was
something to do with the injectors, and a different mechanic thought the
spark plug gaps should be checked, although I expect that won't be the
problem somehow.


The car is the right age to need injectors replaced if they haven't been.

Ditto for plugs - and make sure to buy the triple-electrode Bosch or NGK
models, not the single-electrode type.

Check for vacuum leaks all over the engine - especially in the hoses at the
back end of the rocker arm cover, and the breather hose that runs down to
the crankcase on the driver's side.

Those are the obvious things.

Also check Scott Mockery's site....your link is:

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