5k window regulators

Dan Cordon cord4530 at uidaho.edu
Wed Feb 11 21:45:05 EST 2004

>A general question for those with long-term 5k’s, how long, typically, do
>your window regulators last? I’ve replaced the one in the drivers door twice
>in the ten or so years I’ve had it, and it’s making symptoms of having to be
>replaced again. Is this typical of others? Are there tricks to prolong the
>lifetime of these things? I’ve somehow brought the current one back to life,
>but am not expecting it to last too long. I’m somewhat saddened that I can
>replace those things in pretty short order anymore; I wish I wasn’t so
>familiar with the guts of that door (regulator, door handle and lock
>linkages, wiring harness, …sigh…).
>Just curious…


What parts are actually going wrong? Is it the motors, or the cable mechanism? It's been my understanding that the cable mechanisms have durability issues, but most replacement setups have improved on the original design. If it's the motor itself, that seems like relatively short life. 

Unless you're a mail deliver person who drives on the wrong side of the car and happens to put the window up and down for each delivery. :o) 

Both of the Type $$ car's I bought had a bad regulator. One was the cables (drivers side) and the other was a bad motor (rear pass side). 

As for tricks, my bad motor was just seized up. I cleaned and lubed it, and it's been great since. The whole assembly was completely devoid of lubrication anywhere. For cable failure, I thought it was friction on the cables (where it turns the corner) that usually caused them to fail. Lubing them would probably help. Though, to lube them, you have to open up the door. May as well just wait until it's broken to open the door and replace it instead. Wish I had better news. 

I've come to expect window regulators, steering racks, and several other parts I keep spares for as consumable for these cars. Funny...I don't have any spares for my civic. Though, it's no where near as fun to drive. 

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