5k window regulators

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Another common problem w/ these windows is actually the switches and adajacent connectors, especially if the windows are just slow. Since the switches are near the windows, water can get inside and corrode the contacts. The corrosion creates its own resistance and slows down the motor. I opened up all of the switches in my 5kT and found almost all of them had brown/green gunk between the contacts. I scraped everything clean, and sprayed a little contact cleaner and everything was fine for until that car was put to rest. good luck.


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I had the same model for 10 years until somebody rear ended  it and killed
it, and never had any problems with the regulators.  The windows were
getting pretty slow towards the end though.

An 89 200tq replaced it. I have had that one for about two years and all
work well.  The windows move a lot faster on this one. Without having seen
the regulators, it appears that the ones on the 200 are a better unit.



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> A general question for those with long-term 5k's, how long, typically, do
> your window regulators last? I've replaced the one in the drivers door
> in the ten or so years I've had it, and it's making symptoms of having to
> replaced again. Is this typical of others? Are there tricks to prolong the
> lifetime of these things? I've somehow brought the current one back to
> but am not expecting it to last too long. I'm somewhat saddened that I can
> replace those things in pretty short order anymore; I wish I wasn't so
> familiar with the guts of that door (regulator, door handle and lock
> linkages, wiring harness, .sigh.).
> Just curious.
> Steve
> '86 5ktqa
> kent, wa
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