question about lifter tapping

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Thu Feb 12 09:48:19 EST 2004

My favorite I5 oil is Mobil Delvac 1300 Super.  $6.99/gal at wallyworld in 
the 15w40 weight.  This is a gas-certified diesel oil; I change it out at 5k 
mi intervals and rarely have any tapping.  A little thick for the cold 
weather though, currently running Shell Rotella T synthetic ($13/gal, same 
place) in 5w40.  Consumption is higher with the Shell, but still no tapping 
except for a brief bit at startup.


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>Yes - the MC cam is a bit more aggressive, and makes a nice little upgrade 
>in the 4kq KX in my experience.
>I concur with the opinion that 10W-30 is not a good viscosity range for the 
>I5 engines, especially the older ones.  I tend to use 20W50 Castrol, maybe 
>10W40 in much colder weather has provided good results.  I have found some 
>generic brands of even 20W50 tend to "thin out" quickly.  I swear by the 
>Castrol 5W50 Syntec for my positive experience over the years, and when 
>trying something else - well, not so positive.
>[Thanks to all that replied.  It looks like it could be a lifter issue.  I
>have some that I can swap in tonight, or this weekend.  Another question
>along this lines.  I have an extra cam out of a MC engine.  Would that make
>a difference on my KX ?  I think that the MC cam is a little more
>aggressive.   Anyone?
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