quattro - leaky injectors?

Larry C. Leung l.leung at juno.com
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Didn't notice you had a Canadian addy. So, THAT explains why your
'91 200Q is a 10VT. Forgot about that. As I recall, you, in the Great
White North were unfortunately gipped of ever receiving those, right
Anyway, as I said, Double Z Motors in Fishkill, NY has a real good deal
on 10VT injectors with a Fuel filter. And I'd expect shipping to be
cheap. Of course, it may not be fun pulling injectors out in the cold....


On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 13:23:33 -0700 "Oleksy,Bart" <boleksy at nait.ab.ca>
Sorry if I said the wrong thing - mine IS the 10V version.  $200 for a
set, eh?  That's pretty good - my local mechanic is suggesting about $60
CAD each, so that's a little more, but factoring in shipping & brokerage
probably comes out about even.  I didn't know my guy would have such
reasonable prices on these!  Thanks again & wish me luck...

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Unfortunately, I don't know of sources for 20V injectors,
which I know are different from 10V. Have you tried the
20V or S-car lists? Go to audifans.com, and subscribe.
Plenty of listers on those sub-lists whom would be more
familiar with sources for them. As a guess, I'd try
list vendors, Clair Parts Express, or the former IPC
in California (wow, can't remember for some reason)
or perhaps Double Z Motors (all list vendors) who was
able to give a KILLER deal on 10V injectors with filter
(about $200), but I know 20V injectors are most definitely
more. (sorry!).


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