Tubular contro arms, any interest??

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Fri Feb 13 10:07:58 EST 2004

Granted, it would be sold as an "off road use" item.

FEA and some testing on my own car (navigational rally and/or ice racing event) and I hope to have something ready for next UPG meeting.


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From: JShadzi at aol.com
Date:  Fri, 13 Feb 2004 09:55:43 EST

>Understood WRT strenght, the stock arms are carefully desinges to crumple and 
>self destruct at more or less the slightest impact, but I dont' imagine 
>you'll be able to design the same feature in the CA's you're buiding, and say you 
>did, I'd expect a considerable amount of testing before I'd put them on my own 
>Withstanding rigorous testing, the only option IMO is to make the design 
>strong to rule out failure during the normal course of use.  I think for all 
>practical purposes this part should be considered a race piece, it wouldn't be 
>practical to think it will have the same saftey features as the stock pice, which 
>works exceptionally well.
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>Martin at quattro.ca writes:
>Heim joints at bushings end is another alternative, actually it was my 
>initial thought and Assebly A.. ;), this would provide the small caster adjustments 
>for the few that want it... 
>However those would be slightly more expensive and transfer more shock into 
>the chassis.
>The idea is not to make these stronger than stock, one reason is that when 
>you hit a curbe you want a weak link to brake before all the force is transfered 
>into the sub-frame and chassis...
>Let me make the first samples and test fit them... shouldn't take long, maybe 
>couple of weeks.
>I'll let everyone know of the results and costs invloved.
>Martin Pajak
>Pajak Performance Parts

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