20V NA hotrod 4kcsq

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Sat Feb 14 10:26:17 EST 2004

Hey Tucker, yes, I got you covered on the EFI system, in fact I'll be 
releasing a new Stage 1 ECU soon that is more stripped down that the Stage II systems 
but will do sequential fuel and dist. ignition, I think it will be perfect 
for your project either way (motor wise).

I still contend that, bang for the buck, the 10v turbo is the all time winner 
in the audi tuning realm, heck, even with stock manifolds and a K26, 250 
crank HP shouldn't be a problem at all, 300 isn't out of the question.

I understand you guys want to use this car "rallying in the sand dunes", so 
it seems that a torquey motor is a big plus there, but maybe not.

One issue you may run into using the 92.8mm crank is that the rod journals 
are bigger than the comprable Audi crank, thus 16v rods may not likely fit, in 
which case the sensible thing to do would be to have the journals ground down.  
None the less, I still imagine building a motor like that would still cost 
you a chunk of change, depending on how far you wanted to take it, balancing, 
rebuilding, etc.

I'm not one to build a project just to be "different", just be sure that 
you're building the motor for the "right" reasons - because it meets your needs 
wrt project budget and implemented use.

At Eurospec we built that Red Coupe that was in European car with the 2.6l 
20v, granted it had fueling issues, but it never was impressively fast, quick, 
but nothing compared to a reasonably built up turbo motor, so just keep that in 

Let me know how I can help


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RndLiteBMW at aol.com writes:
My friend and I simultaneously concocted the idea of a ridiculous 7500 rpm 
2.5L eurovan-blocked, VW 16V piston'd and rod'd monster 20V NA motor in my 
slightly disheveled '86 4kcsQ... maybe with some form of stand alone engine 
management.. nudge nudge wink wink Javad...  I'm curious if anyone has been 
there or 
has any further input.  Any and all input is appreciated...

Tucker Fritch
'83 UrQ
'86 4kcsq
'82 Vanagon
'68 2002
'02 WagRX ( I know, I'm, uh, ashamed...)

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