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the hose saga is also over.

A search of the archives revealed the following post from Roland Broberg:

"Subject:HELP! The V8 Is Out of Service-Follow Up
Date:Fri, 11 Jun 1999 13:44:44 -0500
From:Roland Broberg <broberg at execpc.com>
Organization:Broberg Engineering-BECO
To:quattro list <quattro at audifans.com>, Jay Greene
<hohsales at spokane.net>

Listers who responded to "HELP! The V8 Is Out of Service", here is the
follow up.  Rearmost hydraulic hose on the pump sprung a small leak but
that leak portended a greater leak and had to be fixed. No thanks to the
8 different hydraulic shops in and around the Milwaukee area that could
or would not do the job of replacing or rebuilding the hose.  The IA
Audi dealer had no stock in that hose and would have to order
it-$263.00, I believe.  Several listers offered suggestions but they
were all on the west coast.

I am happy to report the V8 is back on the road with new expansion hose
on the back of the pump.  Thanks to Jay Greene at Spokane House of Hose
and those that suggested HOH  Here is the solution:

1-800-541-6351       535-3638     1-800-541-4673
hohsales at spokane.net

Nice web page Jay!

I called on HOH Tuesday evening 5:30 after a fruitless day of searching
local sources and where each would send me to a hopeful alternate.  I
asked if Jay thought they could do the repair job before I wasted the
several days shipping and the expense only to find out that it could not
be done.  Realize that this is a weird hose.  It has a smaller hose
inside of it that makes no hydraulic connection on one end.  That hose
slides into a metal line heading "toward" the rack.  (Those that
corrected me as to the final destination are probably correct-that line
does go toward the rack but it is probably for the brake side of the
system and it does go through the firewall.)  Anyway, Jay says he's sure
they can make the hose, but worst case is that they will cut my ends off
the hose and braze them on new non-metric fittings in standard hose.  I
FexXd the thing at 5:45 PM Tuesday Milwaukee to Spokane.  Wednesday at
5:30PM I called Jay to see if they had received the hose and to see what
his opinion was now that he had seen it.  He said "sure", they had
already rebuilt the hose and shipped it back!  I received the rebuilt
hose with my original fittings and new crimp sleeves on Thursday at
noon-that's less than 48 hours!  I won't even tell you what the prices
was as I think HOH undercharged me.  I paid much more to FedX than HOH.
The vinyl hose inside was unaffected by the rebuild.  By now you
probably think I'd recommend HOH and you are very correct.

Thanks to all who assisted and to Jay for the personalized service!!  Go
House of Hose!


I contacted Jay over at Spokane with a few specific questions. Namely: 
my top hydraulic hose had to a) withstand over 3,000psi (4,800 
preferred) of continuous pressure and b)could they braze the swivel 
fittings to the original ends so that the hose may be adjusted on the 
car and then tightened.
Jay promptly returned my e-mail, confirmed my requirements and gave me a 
very reasonable price quote.

I Express mailed the hose to Spokane on Friday. On Saturday(!) I 
received a call on my cellphone from Jay. He advised that they had 
already rebuilt the hose per my requirements, with the exception of the 
pressure: they used a 5,000psi(!) hydraulic hose. He also mentioned that 
the price quote that they originally gave me sight-unseen was 
inaccurate, and in actuality the job cost them less than they 
anticipated so they would be charging me less than quoted! Wow!
In fact they charged me slightly more than 1/2 of the price that they 
had quoted originally!

I received the hose on Tuesday and installed it the same night. The hose 
looked like a true work of art. The swivel ends were brazed to the OEM 
Audi ends, and they even incorporated the restricter back into the hose. 
Great job, Jay! Thank you so much! From this point forward you will be 
getting all of my hydraulic hoses. I really see no reason why I should 
be paying much more for the inferior, unreliable, crimped only, 
overpriced junk that Audi sells as the OEM hydraulic hoses.

I would also like to thank Roland and Mike Arman for their posts in the 
archives that steered me in the right direction.

For the ends I used the "9263K236 Metric Viton O-Ring 2.5 mm Width, 12 
mm ID $ 6.18 per Pack This item is only sold in Packs of 10" from 
McMaster. So far, so good. No leaks.

I can hear some fast tapping noise from the hose due to the fact that I 
removed the thick rubber noise suppression tube from it prior to sending 
it out to Seattle. I wonder if foamy heat insulation tube of a suitable 
DIA that Home Depot sells for the a copper pipes would quiet it down. 
But even if it doesn't work, I can easily live with this sound. It is 
not intrusive.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

> Igor:
> The o-ring data, as best one can easily measure a soft o-ring without
> special tools, are as follows. I used vernier calipers.  Note that the
> o-rings are red, and I presume silicone.  They do seem a bit soft to be
> Viton.  They are a bit brighter red than US industry used to use for
> silicone.

> O-ring OD = 16.5 mm
> O-ring ID = 11.5 mm
> O-ring section diameter = 2.5 mm
> kirby

> Igor;
>>From what I recall of previous posts on this subject, leaving the restrictor
> out results in groaning and pulsation in the power steering hydraulics. I
> also recall one poster that postulated the thin-walled OEM hose and foam
> cover also dampens noise based on his experience with a thick-walled
> hydraulic hose rebuild that included the restrictor and still resulted in
> noise....
> Fred Munro
> '94 S4
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> Folks,
> the High pressure hydraulic line 4A0-612-065 from the P/S pump to the
> bomb is weeping. Also, the light stays on for a long time after the
> startup,  and the sys looses pressure rather quickly after I turn the
> ignition off. The bomb is good (~35 pumps)
> So, what's the consensus: to rebuild it at a local hydraulic shop? Or to
> open it up, remove the restrictor and reseal with the new Viton O-rings?
> Or to bite the bullet and buy a new hose from the dealer?
> --
> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros

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