auxiliary rad 90Q

Huw Powell audi at
Sat Feb 14 15:51:04 EST 2004

> I am thinking of completely doing away with my auxiliary radiator on
> my type 89 1988 90Q...without the radiator fins upfront in the grill
> will the car still efficiently cool??

Pretty much, yes.  The "consensus" seems to be that unless you are 
expecting to run your A/C in Death Valley, you'll be ok.  I tore my A/C 
out, ditched the moldy aux radiator, and have no heat troubles on 90+ 
summer days.

Heck, Nate removed it on his turbo convertion 90Q and has no water temp 

I do think that if I were planning on keeping the A/C I'd think twice 
about it, though.  You don't really need Death Valley to make a lot of 
heat under the hood, a hot summer day stuck in traffic is enough.

> ...secondly....what performance
> exhaust systems do u guyz recommend i install i have to replace the
> whole system from the manifold backwards due to wear? much
> would the system cost??...thanks!!

The stock system really isn't that bad.  That said, the 20v version is 
60 mm instead of 55 mm.  If you really want something more open, 
especially in the muffler area, the cheapest way is usually to have a 
muffler shop simply make it up locally.  While they will usually have a 
pipe bender on hand, it's nicer to use mandrel bends that don't 
constrict the pipe at the curves, though.  Ask around your local 
Midas/Meineke/Munroe type shops.

Aluminized steel pipe is very long lasting, and cheap to work with.

Heck, I'd even accost the local ricer/tuner crowd in the fast food 
parking lots (or whereever they gather in your town) to see if anyone 
has had an exhaust system made up locally.  They're easy to find, just 
go out at night and look for neon light...

Huw Powell

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