Lifter height 1 mm decision

Huw Powell audi at
Sat Feb 14 18:50:47 EST 2004

> Hi, i was going to change a few lifters on my mc engine and swap them 
> for a few good ones from 4000 2.2 l head anyways i removed cam etc but 
> when i compared the two lifters the seemed a little different so i 
> pulled out my micrometer to check the height it seems that the mc 
> engine's sits 1 mm higher then i checked for new ones but for both 
> engines it's the same part number.

This may be more of a question than an answer, but isn't the whole point 
of "hydraulic" lifters that they self adjust during use?  In other 
words, that "height" figure depends on the dynamic interaction between 
the cam lobes and valve stems (and valve springs...) and oil pressure.

I suspect if you put them in and run them and then take them out and 
measure again, they'll all be the same height.

But I may be terribly, terribly wrong...

Huw Powell

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