1982 Coupe:Hot Start Issues

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Alright, I'll have to check the starter.  I doubt if I'll buy a new one if
it's drawing too much.  I have a line on an '82 parts car, and if I buy it
I'll rebuild either the one on my car now or the other one.  The thermo-time
switch is fine, I checked it against the Bentley, using a pot of hot water.
That took about 1 hour to do.  And the CSV is receiving the proper voltage
as well.  As for good spark, I can assure you, the spark is damn good!!  I
just recently changed the head on the car (incidentally, the hot start issue
has always been a problem, even before the swap) and afterwards, while
troubleshooting a few issues, I checked the spark with the car running.
Damn near through me across my shop every time I got zapped!  I felt like
Bart Simpson sometimes.
As well, I disconnected the CSV this morning, about -13 C, and the car
started within 1 revolution of the starter engaging.  I'm beginning to
wonder if the damn CSV is passing.  I need a set of gauges!
I'll keep plugging away...thanks guys.

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> > For instance, this
> > morning she flashed right up.  I drove it for errands, complete with 2-3
> > starts, no problem.  Parked it in the garage and started fiddling with
> > electrical issue, and while doing so started it 6 times maybe to
> > check the lights, with no problems.  I just came in from the shop and
> > there I started it and it was a bitch.  Been sitting for 3 hours and was
> > still hard to start.
> When I had my warm starting troubles, they were like that.  While
> occasionally an immediate restart would be troublesome (push starting
> the car across a busy Boston intersection because I stalled it!), it was
> the 15-30 minute waits that were most prone to be troublesome.
> I may be mixing up two separate phases of hot start problems, drove the
> car so long it all gets mixed up, but there was definitely a time when
> we measured the starter current draw - it was peaking over 200 amps.
> Put a new (rebuilt) starter in, and it spun faster, started easier,
> maybe still a little long cranking on some warm starts, but much better
> overall.
> It may not be your problem at all, but a starter current test is pretty
> simple, most garages should have an inductive meter to measure it.
> What I think is most likely is a combination of problems - e.g., perhaps
> your starter is tired and pulls too much current, especially when
> heat-soaked, on top of wear or adjustment issues in the fuel system, or
> even electrical contact issues that make it a bit harder for the car to
> develop a good spark, etc.  Fix one thing, and it gets "better," but not
> "all better."  Keep chasing it and eventually you get everything.
> Kind of like suspension clunks, they get smaller and smaller until
> you've replaced everything.  Then you have to turn the stereo off, open
> the window, and do silly things in parking lots to hear them at all!
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