89 80 Odometer repair

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Mon Feb 16 07:40:41 EST 2004

	not sure if this list knows about this resource, but they are
much championed among BMW motorcycle folk, which as should be obvious
i am a definite devotee.  palo alto speedometer.  they can give advice,
instruction, parts, or just do the work for ya.  i had to use them for
an old K75s someone gave me that had been sitting in a basement for
several years and was very very pleased at the help i got, saving me
like $800 on a new gauge cluster.  no affiliation.


At 4:46 AM -0500 2/11/04, George Selby wrote:
>While my car is sitting dead in the yard (no spark, I think it's the 
>distributor,) I decided to take apart my spare speedo (the stock 
>one, I replaced it because it didn't work consistently) to see if I 
>could figure out why the odometer wasn't working (The one on the 
>replacement speedo worked for 2/10th of a mile, then stopped, so I 
>wanted to see if I could get one of them going again.)
>Anyway, I got the gears that drive the odometer out of the 
>speedometer assembly.  The problem one is the one that goes between 
>the odomotor and the odometer numbers.  It is green on the side that 
>drives the numbers, and is white with a small yellow planet gear on 
>a pin.  The planet gear is driven by the odomotor. One of the teeth 
>on this yellow gear have broken off, and when it gets to the broken 
>tooth, the numbers stop spinning (I can spin the numbers by hand.)
>So, the basic question is, can I get this gear by itself?  Or do I 
>have to buy an entire assembly?
>One last question for anyone who has BTDT:  How do you get the 
>speedo needle off?  I just worked around it, it really wasn't a 
>problem, but could have been easier if the speedo needle came off.
>George Selby
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