Audis in Israel

Brendan mailinglist at
Mon Feb 16 11:53:41 EST 2004

Two things happened on a recent trip that I thought would be amusing to tell:

1.) Nazareth - While lost in Nazareth, I noticed the cars. Out of habit, I 
started looking for Audis, and found an obscene amount of them: (72) Type89 
non-quattro and 2 old-style Type85's. An amazing amount for a town that had 
not much else.

2.) Jerusalem - While waiting with a group I was with at the Jaffa gate, we 
were told that it was safe to sit here, because no cars were allowed to come 
through. Taking their advice and sitting, we immediately jumped up at the 
sound of an approaching car. What roars through the opening? An electric blue 
a4q. It was the only car we saw that day there.


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