WRC mexico - was Re: Ashcroft, BC rally X

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Mon Feb 16 14:36:23 EST 2004

	wow, really?!  i seem to remember the guys on speed saying that
it hadn't ever been in the USA.  good bit of trivia!

	so you saw, what, the sport quattros race?

At 7:57 AM -0700 2/16/04, John Gourley wrote:
>  >
>>  anyone planning to head south for this event?  the closest WRC
>>  has ever been to the USA,
>"has ever been".........ever is a long time:)  maybe I'm showing my age but
>the WRC was held up in Washington state in 1986-87-88  when I was able to do
>watch them all...not trying to be picking on you :)
>John Gourley
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