Swap & Meth Injection

jesse clerick44 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 16 20:51:48 EST 2004

I have been trying to dig through the archives lately but have had problems so forgive me for bringing this up again. i recently got another 4KQ and am trying to decide the easiest way to get the performance it (I) deserves.  I know that there are a lot of turbo swaps being done, but what about just adding a turbo and the parts that that entails to the existing motor?  Is a 20v, N/A or turbo,that much ahrder then a 10v to swap?  I would be happy with 170hp or so and anything more would be icing on the cake.  I am looking for the best payoff between ease, $$$ and performance.  

last, i was told i needed to look at this page, http://www.snowperformance.net/.  I'm a skeptic at heart and thought i'd get everyone elses opinion on this.  They make some pretty big claims, do they seem founded... especially for $300??

Thank you again.
Jesse Erickson  

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