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	yup.  the bend you over and take you for as much as they can get.
yay, corporate america!

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>Here's what I feel is the REAL answer.
>What the traffic can bear.
>Fairfield county CT = one of the most wealthy counties in America.
>Hence the high price at a Greenwich dealer.
>Hartford CT: Hey the Whole State is atop the per captita of the population.
>Boston less than Manhattan/NJ but that's why rural Cape Cod or mid-America
>is going to be cheaper.............
>Why is gas cheap in Springfield Mass vs the whole state?
>Why is Georgia that cheapest in the nation?
>Why is CA gas  $2.00 a gallon?  I can see why Hawaii gas is $2.11 a gallon.
>Next to destination charges..........locality plays the role in determining
>IMHO - Scott by BOSTON
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>>  Gary,
>>  This is far from new.  I have 2 dealers in the state.  One in the largest
>>  city and one 80 miles away.  Guess who runs 20% less thant the other?  It is
>>  even worse if a part has a VW # and an Audi #!
>>  It applies to sevice as well.  When I lived in the northeasts most detached
>>  from reality city, IMHO, Greenwhich Ct,  one family owned virtually all of
>>  the high end dealership in town.  An Audi 90K service for my 4000Q was $400.
>>    The same service from a dealer on Cape Cod, not the stricks by any means
>>  was $160.  I couldn't believe it.  I got an itemized check list and it was
>>  the exact same service.  I have picked out my next Audi and will be more
>>  than happy to buy it, in 8-10 years!
>>  Mike
>>  Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 18:10:44 -0800
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>>  Maybe I shouldn't post this, but this really bugs me. While researching
>>  parts and prices for a clutch replacement, I found that a part which cost
>>  $50 (before a 20% inet discount) from a certain Audi dealer in Boston is
>>  50%...yes 50% more expensive at a certain Audi stealer in Hartford. This is
>>  pure bull#$%%. I guess it must be less expensive to do business in
>>  Boston...yea right.
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