Front - Rear Tourque Bias

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Wed Feb 18 12:40:24 EST 2004

I thought it was 50-50 on pre-Torsen urqs, 4kqs and 5kqs.

Urq, 4kq, Z

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Stephen Santoliquido

I recall some Audi literature from pre-Torsen (open center differential)
days which described Audi all wheel drive as having a 60/40 rear/front
torque bias.
That is that normally 60% of the torque was applied to the rears, and only
40 % to the front. I understood this to have several advantages in terms of
handling, and also reducing the likely hood of front loss of traction during
turns, etc.
Do I remember this correctly? A freind believes I have it backwards (60/40
Also, is this still true with Torsen?
What about Haldex?

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