ABS question

kyle leatherwood kyle_leatherwood at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 14:00:18 EST 2004

Being as I am new to a V8 Quattro, and especially new to working on a car 
with ABS, let alone ABS problems (most all cars I restore are pre 1980), I 
am at a total head scratching point as to where to begin in diagnosing the 
ABS warning light being on in my car.  The OFF button will not effect the 
light, so I am sure there is a problem with the system somewhere.  I had a a 
bad brake line when I purchased the car, and the ABS light was on then.  I 
have since replaced this line and have wonderful brakes, but still have an 
ABS warning light on.  Please help with places to start.

Thank You in Advance!


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