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Is Mellow Motors still going?  Do they work on Audis?  They're located in
Marin, I believe.  I remember them from my VW days.  Just wondering and
possible help.


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good to know if the 90 sh!ts the bed on the lower penisnsula. but kinda far 
from the city..

that's sf to you hicks down there... ;)


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>M&M Auto House, under new ownership, highly recommended.
> >burlingame independant 650.342.5889 [jim is the guys name - he's a 
> >champ]
> >san mateo do very good, reasonably priced work. ive taken 4 cars to 
> >him
> >and always had great experience. he's flyin solo now so plan on a 2 
> >week wait.
> >
> >also german auto salvage in berkeley [aka wolfsport] 510 525 6000 [i 
> >think..] are great. eddie is an excellent mechanic. theres another 
> >shop
> >door called 'karmakanic' [he's a glassblower and v8 specialist - only 
> >in berkeley =] but a buddy has been taking his a4 there and has had 
> >good
> >to say.
> >
> >no direct exp with thomas, but they look legit. terry griffin at 
> >griffin
> >a... character. and he's a bit pricey iirc. ive seen a few cars 
> >they've built [supercharged vr6 jetta, 16v 2L rabbit, etc] and they  
> >seem to do
> >work. when i lived in berkeley i always took the 5k to eddie at 
> >G.A.S.
> >
> >hth,
> >-jim
> >
> ><< i have been having service done at new dimensions, but it's like 
> >four hours out of my life to get the car there and back.  looking for
> >closer to the city proper. i've had two recs from this local audi 
> >punk -
> >mike williams, heh.  thomas sport tuning and gryphon moterwerke.  any 
> >thoughs on these folks? >>
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